The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs ★★★

i think that this occasionally has some unfortunate fifty shades pop polish to its look and some bizarre cw casting choices (the domineering male photographer role here really made me realize we don't have many modern equivalents to like michael douglas or james spader) but i have to respect the attempt at a genuinely trashy and explicit sexual fantasy/obsession thriller like this. there's some very elongated, perverse visual sequencing (even gags!!) and huge out-of-nowhere violent reveals that it totally leans into. some of the bullshit in the last 5-10 minutes would have de palma chuckling; it's clear this dude did his homework on the genre. anyway, all a long-winded way of saying i very much enjoy these kinds of movies and would like to see more of them and i didn't solely watch this for the obvious reason that someone had the idea of putting sydney sweeney in a movie about voyeurism 👀.

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