Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

"we crave mystery because there's none left."
"there's no getting out now, better make the best of it."
this is not a safe place /// stay quiet

east LA resurrected or never dead? mines a rich visual history of noir, conspiratorial paranoia and how both were often wrapped up in horniness (see: hitchcock), and mostly uses it to dunk on its blowhard protagonist that would rather investigate an imaginary apocalypse triggered by the Illuminati than go looking for a job. not quite as strong (or grotesque) imo as de palma's Body Double which shares very similar ambitions with this, but it does double down on the enigmatic nature and repulsive male gaze of stories like this with a unique postmodern comic energy (i could watch garfield clumsily lurch around for hours), an absurd layer of intentional inscrutability and a sharp critique of art vs. industry. confusion, ennui, rage and violence run rampant in this movie that both engages our desire to solve puzzles and pits it against the fundamental truth that our world is ultimately run by rich morons (some of whom made our favourite music and movies), combining both into a depiction of our desire to feel like there's more meaning to your life than simply being a pawn in the open machinations of the elite and not being able to pay your rent. still thinking about that scene where the restaurant is designed for them to be able to eat off the gravestones of famous hollywood actors. also the disasterpeace score which combines bernard herrmann with horror and video game sounds is nothing short of insane.

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