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wild!!! the kind of huge swing follow-up that's so ridiculous it bends its way back into some kind of uncanny truth. messiness of this is obviously bound to alienate but it is an objectively huge step forward for peele as an image-maker (seriously, wow) and the sheer ambition on display as this transitions from fun but typical home invasion horror to full-blown subterranean apocalypse (one that traces back all the way to the reagan era) is genuinely remarkable. even more so the conceptual momentum and empathetic eye with which peele lends towards feeling out how our material comforts come at the expense of others' and how part of maintaining that system is creating our “monsters”, burying them and trying to mask/compartmentalize that horrifying pain and violence; it's the version of C.H.U.D. that recognizes the C.H.U.D.s as victims too. i've already seen a few derisive comparisons to shyamalan which i think explains exactly why i loved this lol.

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