Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

has all the makings of a logistics-based heist movie (overtly cribbing from both Heat and Ocean's 11) with lots of plan/execution expository editing and slick suspense setpieces that ritchie then complicates and scrambles into this really macho nasty revenge movie. i've seen some complaints of this being dour but honestly i found the absurdly grim, cruel mood of this to be its greatest asset. it takes some really dark detours into torture sequences and child porn dungeons and brain matter covered surfaces, and after awhile these scenes really started to rub against the slick genre machinery of the editing structure in a way that was more interesting than i expected. really felt the tension of sitting around and waiting for these two forces of ugly rage to inevitably crash headfirst into each other. unfortunately i do think it's a bit too generic in the writing/performances overall to take that gross portent quality to the next level but i was also just pretty happy to watch an R-rated action movie that was all ominous staging/build-up to very simple, brutal gunfights instead of a bunch ironic needle drops to john wick gunplay. so i might give this another go.

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