Coming Home

Coming Home ★★★★

Amnesia. What’s your reaction when you hear that word? Do you roll your eyes as the words “tired cliché” come to mind? Does it conjure up images of Gilligan getting bonked on the head with a coconut so that the Skipper, the Millionaire, his wife, a movie star, and “the rest” have to remind him who he is? It’s one of those medical oddities that we’ve all heard of, though likely we’ve never met anyone who suffers from it. Why is it so widely known? The answer may lie in our fear of the human brain, of its capability to betray us. If we can’t trust even our own minds, what are we left with? In Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home, he ponders loss through the lens of mental trauma – loss of memory, loss of family, and loss of the very concept of home.

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