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  • The Insufferable Groo

    The Insufferable Groo


    “And you just got a phone call that your dad just died.” - Stephen Groo

    I don’t even know where to begin with this one, but for transparency sake I should disclose that I played Zombie #5 is Stephen Groo’s RESIDENT EVIL: THE BEGINNING. Intellectual property rights be damned when it comes to Groo, possibly the world’s most prolific filmmaker working today. Based out of his home in Provo, Utah he has made over 200 films and wears many hats…

  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

    Teen Titans Go! To the Movies



    2018 may have been the best year for superhero movies ever, in no small part because of seemingly nonincidental entries like TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES. Jam-packed with infectious musical numbers, inventive action scenes and enough gags to supply a BDSM convention, it doesn’t even give you a free minute to question this entertainment decision. I’m still laughing at the last line of the film and can only imagine all the car ride home conversations that resulted in.

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  • Hands of Bresson

    Hands of Bresson


    “The things one can express with the hands...” - Robert Bresson

    Young hands. Old hands. Clean hands. Dirty hands. Free hands. Imprisoned hands. Steady hands. Shaky hands. The hands of an alcoholic. The hands of a pickpocket. Black and white hands. Hands in color.

    You can learn a lot about a filmmaker's body of work by focusing on one part of the body. Video essayist Kogonada artfully isolates the hands at work in the films of French auteur Robert Bresson.…

  • Creepy



    "Who's more charming? Your husband, or me?" - Nishino

    A former detective gets wrapped up in an unsolved case while his wife is perturbed by an off-putting neighbor in this not-so-mysterious mystery. The first act is absorbing enough as coincidence and possibility hang in balance. Unfortunately, a rolodex of fools become the biggest threat to this dwindling chronicle. Kurosawa continues to show great skill in blocking and long-takes to keep the viewer attentive; if only the script received this level of consideration. CREEPY finds occasion to live up to its name, but it could just as easily be titled CLUNKY.