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  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Beau Is Afraid is an assembly of anxiety, a four course Freudian feast, a hilarious and horrifying Homeric odyssey that is already eliciting the polarizing reactions any provocateur could hope for.

    As an anxious homebody who frets over social interactions and fusses over his well being, this film made me feel remarkably seen. It was both acutely agitating and thoroughly therapeutic. It ran the gamut of my emotional responses, concocting the sensation that I had just ran for my life…

  • Babylon



    Imagine if Singin’ in the Rain snorted a 10-foot line of coke… or if you mixed a cocktail of Hail, Caesar! and Caligula... or if you paid a visit to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures with Kenneth Anger and John Waters as your tour guides.

    Babylon is an uproarious, unfocused, gross-out and drawn-out exploit.

    Babylon is also a dazzling, daring, intoxicating and ingenious epic.

    In short, I think it epitomizes the clashing concept of “a brilliant mess.”

    Here is…

Recent reviews

  • Dickson Experimental Sound Film

    Dickson Experimental Sound Film


    Let there be sound!

    Sometimes being first does matter.

  • GUTS



    This film’s got you know what.

    A gory workplace comedy that feels like after midnight Adult Swim programming.

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  • Bones and All

    Bones and All

    Armie Hammer's favorite film of 2022.

  • Hands of Bresson

    Hands of Bresson


    Young hands. Old hands. Clean hands. Dirty hands. Free hands. Imprisoned hands. Steady hands. Shaky hands. The hands of an alcoholic. The hands of a pickpocket. Black and white hands. Hands in color.

    You can learn a lot about a filmmaker's body of work by focusing on one part of the body. Video essayist Kogonada artfully isolates the hands at work in the films of French auteur Robert Bresson. The director is known for lingering shots on hands, perhaps something…