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  • Friday the 13th Part III

    Friday the 13th Part III


    "Give me something to scream about." - Chili

    He sports a hockey mask, brandishes a machete and lumbers your way undeterred. Jason's technique is as simple as it is iconic, and yet it wasn't even established until the series' third outing. Immediately following the events and success of PART 2, director Steve Miner returned with a familiar setup: a group of teens (played by adults) whiles away their lakeside respite until they meet their inevitable, gruesome end. And scene.


  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    "You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday..." - Mrs. Vorhees

    I love horror. It's my favorite genre. Embarrassingly, I had not seen FRIDAY THE 13TH... until today.

    It's an enjoyable exercise to fill a significant gap in your fandom. It's like digging up fossils that prove a theory or form a missing link. In this case it helped tie the slasher subgenre together for me; it installed a bridge on that road between HALLOWEEN and EVIL…

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  • Hands of Bresson

    Hands of Bresson


    “The things one can express with the hands...” - Robert Bresson

    Young hands. Old hands. Clean hands. Dirty hands. Free hands. Imprisoned hands. Steady hands. Shaky hands. The hands of an alcoholic. The hands of a pickpocket. Black and white hands. Hands in color.

    You can learn a lot about a filmmaker's body of work by focusing on one part of the body. Video essayist Kogonada artfully isolates the hands at work in the films of French auteur Robert Bresson.…

  • Creepy



    "Who's more charming? Your husband, or me?" - Nishino

    A former detective gets wrapped up in an unsolved case while his wife is perturbed by an off-putting neighbor in this not-so-mysterious mystery. The first act is absorbing enough as coincidence and possibility hang in balance. Unfortunately, a rolodex of fools become the biggest threat to this dwindling chronicle. Kurosawa continues to show great skill in blocking and long-takes to keep the viewer attentive; if only the script received this level of consideration. CREEPY finds occasion to live up to its name, but it could just as easily be titled CLUNKY.