The American Friend

The American Friend ★★★★★

“I’d like to be your friend, but friendship isn’t possible”

In typical Wenders flair we get a man wandering through life unabashed because he almost has no sense of self or purpose (this, ‘Alice in the Cities’, ‘Paris, Texas’, and ‘Wrong Move’), until one day someone or something comes into his view and gives our character a sense of purpose. Granted this is based on a novel so it isn’t literally someone without a sense of purpose (he has a job, unlike other Wenders main characters that literally wander around jobless).

I hadn’t noticed how much of this film is silent, and how much of the film gives you a sense of unease (especially during the climax). The camera is always fixed, and is almost intentionally placed in the most uncomfortable of corners and areas almost like a good horror. 5/5

Things to remember: I enjoy that the film has a commonspeak aspect to it, like Bruno Ganz will speak in German and Dennis Hopper will respond in English, and both can understand each other fairly well.

Also the Samuel Fuller/Nicholas Ray cameos are pretty awesome as well.

Watched on the Criterion Channel

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