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  • The Master


  • Do the Right Thing


  • There Will Be Blood


  • The Hand that Rocks the Cradle


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  • Pleasure



    Bella arrives in LA with a mission to fuck her way to the top. She is in all honesty barely an adult, but still her plan is to conquer the porn industry. Already just a few scenes into the movie, we watch her first porn shoot, which ends in Bella posting a selfie to Instagram with the hashtag #fuckjante (fuck anyone who says I can’t do anything). 

    This is her goal. A 19 year old Swedish girl in US of…

  • Gritt



    Gritt personifies the perennially rootless millennial. She left her native Norway fairly young to travel and although she’s now spent time in many global cities (LA, Berlin, New York), it seems she hasn’t reckoned with “reality” even in her 30s.

    What’s this reality she has to face then? It’s the fact that her artistic ambitions are vague at best, but to achieve them she would sacrifice actual life. Throughout the film, shots of people passing by on the street, chatting…

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  • Suspiria


    This is a fantastic take on the giallo classic! Critics have naturally compared the two and seem to be in agreement that "this is no new Suspiria". I agree, in fact it's better than the original!

    Striking mood, great photo, visceral dance scenes and terrifying horror elements. Most notably, despite the amount of female nudity, I felt it did a great job avoiding the male gaze. Impressive!

  • The Children of the Dead

    The Children of the Dead


    20th century Austrian history comes crashing back in entertaining and stylish Super 8 mm silent movie with fantastic sound design.

    It’s been my experience with zombie films that it’s difficult to build a compelling story around the undead (The Dead Don’t Die was a big letdown). Unfortunately this film is no exception to that rule. The worse part of the movie starts when the dead come alive. But apart from the fact that zombies somehow often disappoint me, I must…