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This review may contain spoilers.

The Favourite in comparison with Barry Lyndon.

Cinematography: Barry Lyndon has a much more natural feeling to its beauty. Every slow zoom brings you into the time period. The Favourite’s flashy camera tricks (including the fisheye lens and the quick pans) take me out of the time period. It keeps reminding me that I’m watching a film. Besides that, the artificial beauty (which is not a bad thing, only different) is astounding.

Lighting: The Favourite’s is much more dynamic. You have a very diverse color palette. Blues, yellows, greens. Barry Lyndon’s lighting is so Impeccable in its “simplicity”, its unfair to compare it to anything else. 

Writing: Again, Barry Lyndon’s is so realistic. It’s not trying to be good. It’s trying to be real. The Favourite’s is much more entertaining but it feels unrealistic. There’re trying to accomplish completely different things.

Costume And Production Design: Both incredible but Barry Lyndon’s feels much more lived in. It doesn’t seem like something you would find in a museum but in someone’s closet. 

The rivalry in The Favourite feels hollow and it gets pretty exhausting when they just do the same thing over and over again, it needed new spice occasionally.

Olivia Colman, you are the best.

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