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  • The Age of Innocence
  • Short Cuts
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  • Thirst

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  • A Woman's Revenge


  • La Cérémonie

  • Three Colors: Red


  • Three Colors: White


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  • Titane



    JULIA DUCOURNAU: “I wanted to create the journey of someone toward her own humanity and toward love. I had to start with someone who felt nothing — nothing of her own humanity, repulsed by humanity itself, incapable of feeling any emotion. So starting from this — with her repulsion for flesh, for what’s life — and going to metal — which feels like a dead material, a cold material — was really reflecting what she is on the inside.”

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  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    licorice pizza captures the “in between” feeling of growing up so well - gary is a teenager impatiently waiting for his life to start, while alana is in her 20s and being pushed into adulthood before she feels ready. in this in between space, gary and alana help each other find themselves.
    throughout the film, so much happens and yet nothing happens, as is the case when looking back on your childhood. pta treats adolescence-into-adulthood as a large scale epic,…

  • Sunburn



    idc if he lied, manipulated his friend, and abandoned a girl that he got pregnant... davin mcderby has never done anything wrong in his life <3