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  • Mulholland Drive
  • The Exorcist
  • Alien
  • Scream

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  • Scream


    4DX is so messy, I literally spent every action scene of the movie struggling to
    1) stay in my seat as I was being thrown around
    2) see what the hell was happening
    So yeah, it’s so messy… and so fun 💀

  • Scream


    My biggest takeaways from the second viewing: as expected, the pacing felt much more appropriate this time, especially in the third act.
    At the same time, I did a complete 180 and went from loving Sam to seeing her as extremely bland and poorly written. 🥴

Popular reviews

  • Pleasure



    I LOVE Ninja Thyberg’s previous work and have always raved about how she’s the one Swedish director everyone should be on the lookout for.

    Pleasure is an incredible debut feature.

  • The Ring

    The Ring


    Shockingly enough, I prefer this over Ringu - which is fantastic atmospherically but somewhat flawed in its storytelling.

    And that is The Ring’s strength. The way the backstory is presented is shrouded in a lot more mystery and eerie storytelling, which is exactly what a backstory of this magnitude deserves.