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  • Strays


    Claudia Christian, who only appears in classics such as THE HIDDEN, MANIAC COP 2, THE DARK BACKWARD, MOM, A GNOME NAMED GNORM and HEXED, absolutely steals the show here. Playing Claire, the newly-single sister to Lindsey (Kathleen Quinlan), Christian sells a shitty country home to Lindsey and her husband Paul (Timothy Busfield). The wiring is bad, the ceilings are brittle and it's been staked by a gang of homicidal cats who want to eat Lindsey's freakishly doll-like toddler. To top…

  • Heavy Trip

    Heavy Trip

    Summer Jam Entry #6: HEAVY TRIP

    The performer(s): Impaled Rektum

    Impediment(s) to effectively create music: Derision from townsfolk, lack of impetus, stage fright.

    Highlight song(s): "Flooding Secretions"

    Even a glowing endorsement from Tenebrous Kate on the outstanding podcast Bad Books for Bad People ( didn't prepare me for how much fun I'd have watching this movie. While direction and acting are top notch, most impressive is the take on death metal: filmmakers Laatio & Vidgren get plenty of laughs out of…

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  • Little Murders

    Little Murders

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Wow...uh, hm. First time watch for this one. It's a singularly strange film, adapted by Jules Feiffer from what I take to be his singularly strange play. It's set in late 60's/early 70's New York, and the comedic tone is very much like an angry man shouting at nobody in particular on any corner of lower E 13th Street around that time. The story deals with the "little murders" that conspire to break the spirit of decent people every day,…

  • Nightwing


    Released the same year as (in fact, within a week of) John Frankenheimer's PROPHECY, Arthur Hiller's NIGHTWING is also an outdoorsy environmental revenge horror movie JAWS knock-off where an Italian actor playing a rebellious, hotheaded Native American teams up with a skinny woman and a scientist-type played by an actor from the OMEN franchise to stop a series of animal attacks. What sets NIGHTWING apart is that its swarm of bubonic plague-carrying killer bats is manifested by the ghost of…