Mary and Max

Mary and Max ★★★

This was a pretty decent film. Interesting story based on a true story combined with some great stop motion make it an effortless watch. Toni Collette and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are so good in their roles you wouldn't even know it was them without reading the credits.

I will say for some reason, I didn't fully connect with it. While it is generally well done, I don't feel that this is a movie I could watch all the time. Maybe it's that it's brutality depressing at times. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea. This isn't to say I wouldn't watch it again, it's just not my favorite as far as animated films go.

Overall this was a good movie. It has its own charm, and the performances are great, but I for some reason couldn't get emotionally invested in it. Worth a watch for fans of the actors or stop motion, but not the best film I've ever seen.

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