Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Weirdly enough, Zack Snyder's latest is one that I've been Googling release date info for for what feels like years. I'm beyond fatigued by zombie content at this point so if I had to guess as to why I was so keen on seeing this, I'd say it's because I'm a loon for visual-driven storytelling and, in that regard, Snyder is in a justice league of his own.

Every time I've seen a Snyder pic in IMAX (my first time seeing just about every one has been in that format), I've been stunned by the director's eye for shot compositions. 'ARMY OF THE DEAD' reliably delivers the gorgeous feast my eyes were starving for. This thing is pretty even when what's happening is undead ugly. You have to hand it to Snyder; he really saw making viscera-strewn violence as an invitation to make warped tableaus you could devote an entire gallery at MoMA to.

But beyond that, along the way, he decided to bring back the fun zombie movie and do so not just with his reliable panache but with a flair for childlike giddiness that's downright infectious. I was not prepared for this cast nor for the fact that what we get is essentially absolute treasure of a man Dave Bautista leading a squad of mostly clearly-not-straight people with exactly the right kind of air this flick needs. Who knew Snyder would offer up his on take on the "be gay, do crime" genre? Speaking of the cast, I of course have favorites with Matthias Schweighöfer being the peak of them followed by Raúl Castillo (Team Richie sound off!), Omari Hardwick, and Tig Notaro. If these players weren't enough, Snyder also wove some timely social commentary into the affair, poking xenophobes in the eyes.

Yet again, Snyder gave me exactly what I wanted out of his film. I had a blast with it and will gladly watch it again in between signing whatever petitions I need to to get four more of them. Torturous shit like the Walking Dead may have buried the undead but leave it to this movie to reanimate them in more ways than one.

P.S. Tag yourself, I'm Dieter shrieking every time a zombie charges him.

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