Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' ★★★★½

Yep. I did just give a Dragon Ball Z movie four and half stars. This series was my childhood and I was genuinely blown away by the amount of well-earned fan service brimming throughout this movie.

Most of the original voice actors are back, every fan-favorite character gets his or her moment, the animation is crisp, and the film never loses its infectiously fun energy. The story strikes a great tone and keeps things light as it moves briskly through events.

Most importantly, however, Resurrection 'F' is perhaps the most self-aware story to come out of this franchise. There are sublime moments in this when characters recognize the innate lunacy of their world and call it out. The dialogue embraces this and gives characters lots to riff on (iconic antagonist Frieza, in particular, gets some hilarious zingers).

The fans are in for a seriously funny, thrilling, and genuinely nostalgic treat. Revisiting characters that I loved and would rush home from school to spend time with was the best way to close out 2017.

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