Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★★

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"We could start over..."

It's rare to come across a film that perfectly reflects the state of being caught in the turbulent throes of love and its known associates. Happy Together, Wong Kar-wai's resplendent allegory, is one such precious work. It's a beautifully told end of love story wrought with arresting truths and touching resonance. I felt so much watching this and I loved every second of it. Every piece evokes feeling with ease, as if untamable elements aligned with the singular drive of crafting a timeless, ever-relatable work of art. Wong is clearly a romantic who approaches his projects with tenderness and warmth, even when such a thing should prove impossible. That his Together's fervently realistic and universally affecting romance centers on two men (my favorite of whom being realized by a standout turn by the immensely talented Tony Chiu Wai Leung) is all the more powerful. Speaking of the film's timing, what a badass move to take on such a tale in the 90s! The film is a perfect encapsulation of why the telling of such stories matters. It's a masterful poetic love letter to heartbreak and all of the life-changing experiences that surround it.

P.S. I was so sad to learn about Leslie Cheung's tragic passing after watching this. His performance here was a shining example of his talent. A truly heartbreaking loss. May he rest in peace.
P.P.S. Having seen this masterwork and Chungking Express, its easy to consider Wong Kar-wai a new favorite filmmaker of mine.
P.P.P.S. If there's one thing Wong seems to be trying to tell us with his films, it's that Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is the boyfriend that none of us deserve.

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