Long Shot ★★★★

"Okay, but you dressed me like Cap'n Crunch's Grindr date, so I'm going to drink and enjoy the party."

Is Long Shot the best romantic comedy of 2019? Maybe so! This breezy flick is effortlessly charming, frequently hilarious, and surprisingly zeitgeisty in it's Rogenized approach. It's also as feminist a big-budget marquee film as I've seen. With it, Charlize Theron continues her streak of terrific work. Seth Rogen is also in fine form here as the perfect exasperated audience proxy. Working from a snappy script, the comedic team-up makes this a fast-paced pleasure to indulge in.

I'm sure that this was at least partly concocted as an anti-depressant fantasy to help alleviate the existential pain of living in a post-Cheeto world and, you know what? It's pretty freaking effective in its earnest ambition. Where it particularly goes above and beyond though, is in the way it boils down the essence of what we all need right now and presents it in a way that mass audiences can consume and reflect on. It's no small win for a film that could have just as easily avoided that opportunity altogether.

My Very Own, Very Easy December Scavenger Alterna-Hunt 6/20 10.) 'Tis the season! Watch a film that involves politics in some way (God Bless if you have MAGA idjits headed your way for the holidays).

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