Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

Y'ALL, I watched this with my parents.

And you know what? I have to admit watching it with them made this a really fun, enjoyable, and, yes, awkward watch. I'm all for cringe-watching and this would've made me cringe if I watched it on my own so their reactions just made it that much better. I mean, just picture my open-minded film-loving parents seeing some of the wacko shit that goes down in this and doing everything from sitting in silence to laughing incredulously at how insane it is. There are so many memorable moments in this and each of them elicited some kind of reaction from one or all of us. And the variations in reactions were consistent from scene to scene. For example, Billy Ray Cyrus's appearance made me wheeze while they didn't initially recognize him and only laughed after I told 'em, "it's Miley Cyrus's father! What to heck is he doing here??"

To Lynch's credit, it's a film I couldn't and haven't stopped thinking about since I watched it. In fact, we're all still discussing it today. I do think Lynch bites off more than he can chew (gracefully at least) but the symbolism, thematic motifs, and overall adherence to a fresh take on the "Hollywood" formula he delivers make his mindbender all kinds of absorbing. It's post-apocalyptic LA filtered through Lynch's psyche with indulgent flights of weird-as-fuck fancy and it's sure to make the people who raised you wonder how much of a number quarantine has really done on you.

P.S. Check out this fly-on-the-wall video of the exchange between Lynch and Universal when they decided to distribute his movie.

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