The Thing ★★★★★

"You're gonna have to sleep sometime, MacReady."

"I'm a real light sleeper, Childs."

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of our minds lies an insidious fear that despite what we may try to tell ourselves, we just don't know those around us as well as we think do. We all, in some form, have had this nagging question present itself. Perhaps it's in the middle of a conversation or maybe when we're moments from drifting off to sleep. Wherever we go, we can't escape it. It'll always be there.

This is the genius of John Carpenter's masterful The Thing, a film that crystallizes this fear and gives it demonic agency. Earning every ounce of its iconic status, this feverishly toys with its viewers and does so with a sublime degree of aplomb.

Carpenter's direction here is pitch-perfect, imbuing his film with details that make every revelation as terrifying for its characters as they are for the film's audience. Remarkable practical effects, chilling production design, and stunning cinematography help seep the proceedings in a quiet dread-filled atmosphere that's got enough teeth to match its visual horror splendor.

As unnerving now as it was when it debuted almost 40 years ago, The Thing is a horror sci-fi masterpiece. I absolutely loved this and will recommend it in the same breath as genre milestone films including, yes, you guessed it: Alien.

Scavenger Hunt 52 - #12 - A film where a main protagonist is a long-haired male. Mullets are encouraged.

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