Villains ★★★½

"The two of us are all that’s real in the whole world. Everything else is just cardboard cutouts and playthings."

I had SUCH a great time with this one. It's a scene-chewing paradise with genuinely funny humor and performances that are so giddily watchable that I easily overlooked the genre derivations therein. It also absolutely flies by. Good pacing-challenged directors take note, this is how you make a flick move. Still not convinced you should carve out some time for these Villains? Bill Skarsgård and Maika Monroe are both stupid hot and have great chemistry in this. Between them and the gloriously inspired pairing of a deranged Kyra Sedgewick and—my favorite—a Foghorn Leghorn-adjacent Jeffrey Donovan, it has something for everyone (probably). I could've easily watched this quartet's antics for another hour.

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