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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    a deeply unpleasant, angry, despairing movie. the most biting and repulsive criticism of mystical, psychedelic, self-actualizing alternatives to political action. the aestheticization of violence is the weaponization of aesthetics.

    contextualizes the degeneracy of the post-'68 left within mexico's colonial, catholic history—and is fucking pissed about all its recuperation of ritual, mystical, exploring a new world bullshit. one of the most repulsive, dispiriting movies ever made.

  • Girls Trip

    Girls Trip


    some of this (especially the framing narration) is so bad it's hard to believe you're watching it in a movie theater. i had a good time though. i wish the dance-off were the entire second half of the movie.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Been having some very physical experiences at the movies recently, but this takes the cake.

    I'm starting to think the reason I can't find any Blanton's at the liquor store is that someone in the set dressing department for this and John Wick went out and bought every bottle. Whoever does PR for them must be vacationing on the moon right now.

    Saw two of the best movies of the year at the Cinemark tonight: this, and the trailer for…

  • Zvenigora


    I feel like I need to re-read Deleuze, find a good score and better subtitles, grow up, draw some diagrams, cultivate a warming mustache, drink a pleasant amount, and then begin to meet this movie on its plane. I don't think I've ever felt so much that a film was keeping me at arms length, or simultaneously pushing sensuously through two incomparable dreams.

    "There is fluidity in the crystal that means its parts cannot be demarcated."