Captain America: Civil War ★★★

I really enjoyed the experience of watching this movie. The characters were great (I love the addition of Peter Parker!), the story was interesting, the action was sporadic but well choreographed, and the conflict was believable.

But... I don't think it should be classified as a Captain America movie. The focus was pretty heavily on the Civil War within the Avengers with almost a side plot about Bucky's back story and Captain America's knowledge of it. While I love the inclusion of all of the Avengers characters in a Captain America movie... I just think if you're going to put the man's name in the title, most of the story should be about and follow him. Or, at the very least, make most of it about him AND Bucky, since that's obviously the direction they wanted to go with this one.

Tl;dr I liked the movie, but it should have been called Avengers: Civil War