Song to Song ★★★★½

“You killed my love.”

I am stunned. It’s near impossible for me to put into words the feverish haze that one will be blinded with when experiencing Terrence Malick’s divisive Song to Song, but then again, how can one possibly analyze a film this ever-reaching? Malick anchors a stunning portrait of eternal human connection; a deconstruction of our own emptiness and shattered dreams, and a reconstruction of fractured hopes paired with the desperate longing for some sort of lasting impact on those we meet. Malick’s timeless whisper of a tangible theme slips in and out of the viewers’ consciousness as Emmanuel Lubezki’s camera stares through the looking-glass, hovering over his subjects like a melody that lingers in the mind long after the song is over. Intimate, vibrant, and everlasting in all of its harmonious glory.

“The world wants to be deceived.”

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