Castle in the Sky ★★★★

Another brilliant film from Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki's work never fails to impress me. As is usual with his films, the visuals are impeccable, Joe Hisaishi's score is beautiful, the film is constantly entertaining, and the vibe it gives off is one that is playful, yet filled with poignancy. I really love watching Ghibli's early movies to see how they started out and how they developed from there, and I'm always impressed by how masterful the studio was even from the start. It's a story of young love, of the beauty of nature, and of a high-stakes chase through the sky, capped off by a brilliant ending. Though far less emotionally affecting than some of Miyazaki's other films, it's nonetheless really compelling and really beautiful.
But...can we talk about those pirate sons?...Like...they're pedophiles, right?...Why are they pedophiles?

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