Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

My third watch.

"Hey, little troublemaker."

I kind of think that the structure and characterizations are a bit too vaguely drawn for me not to complain about, but the film is still very enjoyable for the entirety of the runtime. Django is such a cool character, Tarantino's dialogue is fun as per usual, and the explosive violence in the third act is so effective. I honestly prefer the whole Brittle Brothers sequence to anything else though, it's so epic and angry, but I enjoy every scene in the film a lot. Great movie - it lacks some elements of emotional connection for me but is still so compelling and occasionally somewhat powerful. Kinda interchangeable with Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs (and possibly Kill Bill Vol. 2) so my attempt to rank Tarantino's filmography again may be in vain.

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