Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Absolutely beautiful. The dialogue is clever, but always feels grounded and human. The style and production/costume design set the viewer in a specific time and place, yet the grey-ish colors and soft nature of the imagery make for a tone and feel that is simply timeless. Oscar Isaac gives what is almost certainly the best performance of his career, alongside a fantastic supporting cast. One of the most appealing aspects is the soundtrack, which is all at once hugely entertaining and emotionally moving. This is seriously such a spectacular movie because it made me feel so much - it's certainly the Coens' most empathetic, personal, and comforting movie. It just feels so warm to experience. Even when our protagonist is despondent, lonely, angry, or dejected, he always feels so close, like we can reach out and hug him in his times of sorrow and struggle, and like he could do the same for us. This movie is seriously beautiful and I'm so impressed.

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