Suspiria ★★★★

My second watch.
This works so well but for all the opposite reasons that the original does. Brooding atmospheric dread replaces the vibrant, colorful excitement of Argento's film. Both utilize traditionally campy formal techniques but the original does so unintentionally and becomes all the more fun for it, whereas this version deliberately taps into something unnerving with them. The original mines its setting and characters for bold, gaudy weirdness but Guadignino finds haunting catharsis in laying bare the trauma of a nation that finds itself clumsily plastered up behind outdated and restrictive social functions. The repressed seek expression only to find control under its mask. The shame of the persecuted feeds the darkness, and only when faced can that darkness be overcome. Another viewing without a dinner-length interruption is probably needed before I officially call this a favorite of mine, but I think I'm learning to love it.

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