Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

"I want nothing."
"Then stop breathing."
"Good idea."

Perhaps the most perfect final chapter to a trilogy I have ever seen. I'm in absolute awe at this film, and at the trilogy as a whole. Kieślowski achieved something truly remarkable with all three films, but the peak is easily found here. With the most engaging and compelling story, the most impressive and immersive camerawork, and the most interesting and complex characters of the series, it is a visual masterpiece with a layered narrative, ambiguous and multi-faceted themes, and one of the most profoundly moving endings I have ever seen. I really don't know what to say. I am in absolute shock. I couldn't possibly bring myself to give this anything less than a perfect score.

"I feel something important is happening around me...and it scares me."

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