We Are Who We Are ★★★★

So beautiful and essential. The character portrayals and dynamics are tops, and Guadignino brings his usual skill for crafting visually striking images together with perfectly utilized music to create an engrossing atmosphere. The whole thing has so much energy but leaves so much room to breathe and I got the impression of influences from both classical Italian cinema and the modern American indie scene, which I adore. Grazer and Seamón are wonderful here and their interactions are really what make the overall experience as special as it is. There are certain characters and ideas that I don't feel were given quite enough time (the context of the 2016 election adds so many fewer dimensions to this story than it should and the parents' storylines feel oddly cut short before the otherwise beautiful final episode) but there's a whole world of characters and ideas that it explores beautifully and powerfully. Love this show!

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