Come and See ★★★★½

I've been busy the last couple of days, so I haven't had time to watch films, but I'm back; and Come And See was such a great movie to return to. First of all, it is criminally underrated and should definitely be ranked among one of the greatest anti-war films. I'm pretty sure I have said this in the past, but I'm not very fond of war films, they're not always my cup of tea. I would prefer not to watch them (due to my assumption that they'll bore me) but I am open to giving them a fair shot anyway. Come And See is a war film that I admired because it focused so much on the detrimental effects of war, and on the devastation that it brings across so many families and innocent people. I like movies that are emotional and human, and this is one of them.

It was just the saddest thing to see the main character, Florya, being so enthusiastic and proud in the beginning, and eager to fight, only to be exposed to the true horrors of war. Florya did not expect to witness such traumatizing events and to feel utterly hopeless, alone, and shocked. But this is the reality of war. The movie sheds light especially on the youth, and how they respond to these kinds of things, and how it damages their psyche for the long-run. Come And See shows how strongly war corrupts and robs young people of their childhood, it robs them of their purity. Some scenes in this film are so loaded with emotionally hurtful content that it was a little hard to watch, but I could not look away.

And typically, I hate grainy, unclear quality of films. I would much rather watch stuff that is cleaner and is visually pleasing, but with Come And See, I preferred the grainy quality of the film because it seemed so much more real that way. And to be honest, the things I saw in Come And See were probably the most accurate depictions of warfare I'd seen in a very long time, which was impressive.

Come And See is something I highly recommend, I need more time to process this incredibly gut-wrenching movie.