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This review may contain spoilers.

Good to see Rian back in his wheelhouse, specifically genre de- and reconstruction. This doesn't have the immediacy of Brick or the striking visual sense of Jedi but its still largely a treat, handling the unorthodox structure quite nicely with the great twists and turns one expects out of this genre.

A note regarding the politics: I can't help but feel that most of the complaints people have here are more damning of themselves than the movie. Hearing "SJW" in a movie is jarring, yes, but those are the type of slightly outdated words you often hear from people who are invested in politics without spending ten hours a day online. Complaints that the movie has a "both sides" agenda seem equally misguided: Meg does not betray Marta because of some anti-Marxist streak on Rian's part but rather because she's a rich, self-centered teenager. I can't speak as much to the movie's treatment of Marta (the frequent statements of how good-hearted she is were a bit a much, admittedly) but it's hard to think of another movie that posits that almost no one, not even their supposed allies, truly care about immigrants when they threaten their material interests.

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