Asteroid City

Asteroid City ★★★★★

I don’t get it, I still don’t understand the play.”

It doesn’t matter, just keep telling the story.”

When there is no distinct right way to go about processing it; how do we grieve the very things we feel we cannot talk about in the first place? Whether out of discomfort or for our own personal safety/wellbeing. Forever unexpected and bizarre and alien like, coming in and taking what they wanted and bringing back the very thing but changed, in an unknown way to us. Knowing the unknowable, but having no way to control the outcome. Having no other choice but to persevere through it. 

This is my first time watching a Wes Anderson film since watching The Royal Tenenbaums twice in 2018. Beyond the funky little guy making his appearance, this might just be one of my all time favorites of his and of the year I think. One I’m going to be thinking about for a long time.

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