Midsommar ★★

I appear to be the only person on earth that didn't really like this.

Please don't be offended by that, and pleass don't waste your time branding me a wanker on here for not liking it. It really won't bother me. I've been a wanker for years. It would on the other hand, be interesting to find some like minded people on this one. Here's what I didn't get on with.

I was quite bored for what felt like the first hour, but was probably less. Then the shock bit happened, which was sufficiently gnarly and it became interesting for a bit. Then it descended into sillyness, with a few scenes which reminded me of a pretentious theatre group who think they are really edgy and out there. Then it ended.

Perhaps I'll watch it again. But I'll need a really good reason to do so.

P.S. Pugh was good, as is turning out to be standard from a performance from her, but I'd rather just watch Lady Macbeth again.

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