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  • First Man

    First Man


    In physics, we are taught that in order to propel forward we must push something back (or leave something behind). You see this truth played out everywhere. Rockets exert gases that push the craft into the air. America pushed against the Soviets in the space race, leaving them behind to watch the moon landing. And Neil Armstrong had to leave behind his family in order to reach the lunar surface. Perhaps what we leave behind is what propels humanity forward.…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Can Christopher McQuarrie direct all the movies please?

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  • Take Shelter

    Take Shelter


    The biblical story of Noah if he lived in rural 21st century America.

    All joking aside, I'm not sure if I'm smart enough to give an adequate analysis or review of this movie. I wish I could elegantly translate everything Nichols was communicating and put just enough polish on my words that someone reading this could think, "Wow, this guy has it!" But I don't. I do, however, know what it feels like to have anxiety. To feel like a…

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    My dad has been a banker my whole life. I've spent many Saturdays bored out of my mind in his office. The fact that I found this to be one of the most entertaining and engaging movies of 2015 says a lot.

    Excuse me, I must call my dad so he can explain to me how messed up the world of banking is.