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This review may contain spoilers.

Being a big big fan of sci-fi Contact was a movie I'd always wanted to see ever since its release (which is rather worryingly 15 years ago), so imagine my delight when, laying flu ridden on my sofa today I find it sandwiched between Johnny 5 and Eddie Murphy on channel 5. Why oh why did I never get round to watching this film before now?, I loved it, it really moved me, from the amazing opening shot of a fly through the cosmos that ends in the eye of a young girl to the closing shot of Jodie foster seeing the (metaphorical) universe in the palm of her hand the whole experience was the very rare beast, an intelligent piece of science fiction. To reveal any details would be a disservice to anyone whose yet to see it so I won't, all I will say is if you're sick of big dumb movies about aliens blowing stuff up then this film is for you. I've already ordered the blu ray. Oh, and yes, I did watch Short Circuit 2 and Daddy Day Care that were on before and after it respectively, make of that what you will.