RRR ★★★★½

One of the most visually striking films of the decade. Fiery visual motifs and superb imagery, a lot of it involving supernatural elements; which Rajamouli intertwined with reality immaculately. Raging fires and starry nights clash in this absolute riot of a film, contrasting beautifully. From the opening frame, the leads follow characters that are written extremely well, and take on those characters with a lot of flair. The music hits each beat and each movement with style, and all the musical numbers were nothing less than electrifying, and never shied away from any of the film’s seriousness. The main friendship between Bheem and Ram was beautifully executed. Even though the second act flashback was rather lackluster, it provides some major background to Ram’s character and makes him a lot more compelling than previously conceived. The over-the-top style of the film, although it may be a bit too silly at times, works for it. The brutality is marvelously stylized. The shadows and fire of the finale were some of the most visually compelling frames I’ve seen in recent times. Rajamouli has an artistic vision which may not work all the time, but certainly makes for a really enjoyable and resonant work. The creativity with the action, framing, and extravagant music makes this maximalist action extravaganza really unique and distinguished. Everything has a purpose and is crucial to the making of the characters. Goofy at times, too much for its own good even; and maybe not fully deserving of a 3 hour runtime, but there’s a power, imagination, creativity, and emotion that is almost unparalleled in modern action filmmaking. The rebellious nature of RRR makes it one of the most entertaining, electrifying, and authentic films of the decade.

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