First Man ★★★★

Chazelle has been hit and miss for me, I found La La Land little more than a blip, but I was impressed by First Man which, some may argue is a bit of a riff on The Right Stuff. The comparisons are somewhat apt since Chazelle and his team dedicate quite a bit of time to the process of preparation for space but I found the heart of the story is so centralized to Armstrong's family life and the toll that being an astronaut takes on the families of the spacemen that I was completely drawn in.

First Man also captures a loneliness and claustrophobia of space travel that I haven't really experienced in other movies about going to space.

I found it a bit long winded, it could have ended a good 20 minutes and there's a scene in those last 20 minutes which felt unnecessary and which made me roll my eyes but overall, Chazelle and his team deliver the good complete with top-notch visual effects, and excellent performances (Gosling in one of his best roles).