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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist

    To use an analogy, ‘The Disaster Artist’ made me feel as though I were a nail, and the film itself were a hammer repeatedly hitting me (REMEMBER THIS?! REMEMBER THE STORY BEHIND THIS?!). At times it felt like a parody film, but instead of coming up with new jokes it just recycled old material.
    Once it finally transitions into the making-of-The-Room portion of the film, it essentially devolves into watching various scenes of 'The Room' with ironic commentary. Also, the…

  • All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace


    This is the type of documentary that plays ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen over slow-motion stock footage of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It jumps all over the place, from the power hungry financial sector to the jungles of central Africa, weaving a deceptively simple narrative of sorts between everything and placing the blame on Ayn Rand and the elites who adopted and distorted her ideals. And the Belgians.
    At times it is quite pessimistic (but probably realistic), such as when…

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  • Heaven Knows What

    Heaven Knows What


    Arielle Holmes gives a great performance in this depressing and oh so non-glamorous film. I love the way it just sort of shows the everyday lives of young homeless addicts without romanticising them and their plight, yet also not beating the viewer over the head with oversentementality about how terrible their lives are. The realistic look into heroin addiction is similar to the early ‘80’s West German film ‘Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo’, which is also based on an autobiographical book by an addict. Both films are lacking large quantities of such things as joy and happiness, yet they tell an interesting (and somewhat ignored) story.

  • The Gendarme in New York

    The Gendarme in New York


    This is why I love watching films. Especially those from a non-American country. This film is completely absurd and is certainly not a great film by any means of measurement, but it is incredibly fun to watch. The West Side Story sequence involving some gang members stealing Louis de Funès' steak, and the ensuing dance/rumble is ridiculous and hilarious. Also features the worst driving taxi driver seen in film up to that point, and possible ever since.