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  • The Magnificent Ambersons

    The Magnificent Ambersons

    I feel as though, for readers not too familiar with this film nor Welles post-Citizen Kane, when writing a review for The Magnificent Ambersons one must address the history behind this film. Coming off the ambitious project of Welles', Citizen Kane, known today as a film masterpiece but back then as great but controversial for its—obvious then—attacks on William Randolph Hearst, RKO, the studio that produced Kane, let Welles make another film, again giving him full control over the project.…

  • Lenny



    “‘Fuck you.’ Never understood that insult, because fucking someone is actually really pleasant. If we're trying to be mean, we should say ‘unfuck you!’”

    Many people don’t know the name Lenny Bruce, which is sad because without him we would never have had comedic legends such as George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Dave Chappelle. The strides Lenny Bruce did were historic, not just in paving the way for comedians like who I mentioned to perform their acts, but also showing…

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