Boogie Nights ★★★★

Paul Thomas Anderson is a director I admire a lot, and it’s no surprise, he puts so much into each and every one of his films and it definitely shows in Boogie Night. Everything is at its best in the film. The performances are phenomenal from each and every cast member, especially Marky Mark himself who I didn’t know could act as well as he did in this film. Burt Reynolds is also incredible in this, especially considering the fact that he hated this film. Alfred Molina, Julianne Moore, and everyone else in the film do incredible jobs as well but I’ve got to give it up to John C. Reilly for pulling off a hilarious performance  in one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever scene, that being the margarita scene. The cinematography is great; I love how PTA lights a scene, where the sun reflection is over lit, making it look like a spotlight on the characters, as well as the way the camera flows through the film’s beautiful long takes. The editing is great as well as the sound design, but I’ve got to give it up to the soundtrack of the film; not only is the music they chose great, but it enhances the environment as well as creating interesting juxtaposition in some scenes. There are some issues that I had, mainly with some underdeveloped characters and a bit of a rushed ending, but that aside, I really loved this film. Thank you again, PTA!

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