My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★

When I think of you, there's one memory that always comes to my mind. We were outside of the library with a couple other people and you mentioned being gay. A girl there, who was not with our party, thought you were joking and said, "No, you're not gay, you're just basic." What followed was a face i will never forget, a face full of hilarity and confusion, one that gave us great memories of your infectious personality that warmed the hearts of anyone you interacted with. with your warm and loving personality, your contagious smile, it's easy to see why you loved this film so much. The childhood innocence, the freeness of living, was your personality and it brightened everyone up. Even when you weren't being as innocent as these characters—I remember that time you brought a dozen condoms to a sleepover, no sexual purpose for them, just because you thought it was funny—your warmth spread and brought a joyous light to everyone in your vicinity. In many ways, you were an anime character, a bright eyed, ball of joy and charisma; some people may take that as an insult but I mean it as a very sincere compliment.

It's weird to think you've been gone for two years now, it feels like you. never left due to the wonderful impressions you left on people in your lifetime. I wish you knew how many people you made so happy, the amount of people feel loved. I remember your father saying at your wake that they expected 30-40 people at most, but it ended up being 150-200 in the building—your parents are doing well too, I saw them a little less than a. year ago when they came to the restaurant I work at, they critiqued our food but we were new so it made sense. You meant so much to so many people. Though we weren't the best of friends, you still left a strong impression on me, one no other person has come close to. I'll miss you a lot, we all do, and I know wherever you are you are continuing to spread your warmth and positivity. We love you.

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