Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

I’ve had a weird relationship with this film for anyone who unfortunately remember my original lukewarm review. What disappointed me on first watch was that the film didn’t convert to my own cinematic preoccupations, what I felt the film should have been rather what it was. Within its shots, I was looking for it to me subject focused, each shot containing one singular story, where that is not what Demme and Talking Heads are going for. Each image does not contain one story, it contains multiple stories. There’s always something to look at outside of who the camera is closest two, thus a full story forms, one of this band and their relationship. In a way the film acts as a study of the physical form in a communal space, being a concert. I think that’s why this is hailed as the greatest concert film of all time. Even within the frame, the camera allows your eyes to wander and experience every detail of the show, not just one detail at a time. 

I do think it is a shame though that the bonus tracks were not in the movie. Seek them out if you haven’t seen them, it’s Cities and Big Business/I Zimbra. Quite phenomenal.

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