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  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher


    One beautiful scene got stuck in my head. It's when the protagonist is about to shoot himself, drowned in complete despair, he looks up and sees the sun, the sun replies shining out of the clouds at him, almost like a prayer. He gives up giving up. A boy who is only allowed to grow up through violence and terror. By the end, the scene is mirrored, but in switched positions. Jim replaces the sun, ready to give to John…

  • Rollerball




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  • À Nos Amours

    À Nos Amours


    Um tempo depois do filme me marcar profundamente, volto aqui e percebo que qualquer adjetivo que eu possa adicionar ao À nos amours parece pequeno e insustentável. É cinema de veterano, de gente grande mesmo. Pialat vai assumindo esse jogo de filmar relações das mais complexas às mais simples, dos comportamentos mais animalescos e selvagens (as brigas com a mãe e irmão) aos mais ternos e afetuosos (alguns dos momentos de reflexão com o pai). E é nessa dinâmica paradoxalmente…

  • Djinn



    Hooper's cut. Everything here happens so fast and so violent, kinda reminds me of Funhouse, a house of horrors where there's almost no escape, but instead of a physical some sorta of monster, the real haunting here it's your memories, your actions. As soon as the family car enters the tunnel, the fog engulfs everything. In that point, we know that society is about to go in ruins. In most Hooper's films, characters goes through hell, but still they survive. Here they are forced to live in this endless nightmare, which doesn't end with sunlight. Perhaps his most radically melancholic film?