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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    A wonderful surprise given I was expecting a cheap Redbox flick, this movie is a cross between The Conspiracy and The Endless, with mixed results. With that in mind, the opening 20 or so minutes are easily the best part of this movie, which could have stood on it's own as a short film.

  • Cupid


    A weird sort of "so bad it's good" that calls back to the likes of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, it never tries to be anything more than exactly what it is, but that doesn't stop it from having some hilarious Valentine's-themed kills along with a secondary villain who absolutely steals the show with how unapologetic she is (may actually start a watchlist dedicated purely to Sarah T. Cohen's filmography because of how great she played her character).

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  • Rango



    Arguably a better tribute to Westerns than the similarly named Django, this movie's only downfall is the touch of Johnny Depp self-indulgence that, while unnecessary and occasionally worthy of an eye-roll, is not such a detriment as to mar this otherwise amazing film. Setting aside the numerous lovingly placed references to other Westerns (my personal favorite being the guitar riff from Once Upon a Time in the West), the movie is splendidly animated, voices acted with passion, characters distinctive and…

  • Clownado


    Horrific movie that delivers none of the enticing visuals the cover promises. Weak in nearly every aspect of filmmaking that could possibly be considered, and obviously was made on the assumption that the name alone would fool people into buying the movie. It's horribly low budget (or rather, the total incompetence and lack of passion of the filmmakers) shows at every opportunity, whether it be bad effects, lousy costumes (half of the "clowns" look more like juggalos), hammy acting, or…