The Gracefield Incident ★½

The opening of the movie is pretty great: most of the opening credits revolve around the main character constructing a camera for a glass eye to put into his head. This would have been the stroke of genius that answers the often overlooked question of "How do we justify getting the characters to continue recording no matter how bad things get?" if they hadn't made another camera for characters to carry, a camera which is often pointed at themselves or focused just right despite the stress of the situations they find themselves in.

The movie is loaded with tons of problems centered on how they decided to shoot their story, but to me the greatest problems stem from the main actor (who has a voice I'm fairly certain he was faking very poorly the entire time) and the creature effects (CGI that they're way prouder of than they should have been). Combine that with a lack of originality and only the occasional good scare, The Gracefield Incident is a found footage movie you should only experience if you're in good company.

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