I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★½


This was quite the let down. it just felt like a lighter and less inventive version of films Kaufman has already made. And I’d hate to say this cause I genuinely think Kaufman is a great screenwriter, but I’m worried he’s becoming a bit too one note with his themes. Because I’m convinced that any themes you take away from this, You could’ve easily gotten from a film like synecdoche NY and much more because that’s a far superior film in a lot of different ways. We spend the majority of this film in a car as were forced to hear constant nihilistic drivel from the pretentious edgelord college student character through actual dialogue and a constant voice over of her inner thoughts. And trust me, i get the point of her character and understand her actual place in the film, but it’s just not enjoyable to sit through. So to me this film was pretty tough to get through and was very disappointing despite it having an artful approach. 5/10

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