Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★½

(4K UHD)

Pure nonsense, it's not clever or smart, but it's so much fun to just get into the easy going stupidity of this '80s time travelling comedy. Bill and Ted are deeply likeable and funny characters, each with their own naive charm (They are also getting absolutely baked whenever they are off screen). It's so, so stupid, but I kinda love the way the film just embraces that, as you just go through history and bring these historical figures to the modern day with extremely funny results. Just ordered Bogus Journey, so will definitely be giving that another go. I never got on with this as a good, so I'm glad I've rewatched it and I'm more positive. Also, another fantastic 4K print from Studio Canal, who continue to have surprisingly releases I never expected to see on 4K and I'm all for it. Absolutely bodacious.

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