Nocturnal Animals ★★★★½

Nocturnal Animals might just feature the weirdest opening titles of all-time. From the opening shot I had no idea what I was in for. In fact, I had no idea what I was in for at all, I've never ever seen a trailer for this film, I went in completely blind, and I loved it.

It's a beautiful looking film, from lots of scenic New Mexico cinematography and a bit of night-time city scenes. The performances were all amazing (Gyllenhaal continues to prove he is one of the best actors of this generation).

This film is no doubt not for everyone. It's weird, arty and abstract. I'm not entirely sure what the point of a few scenes were and the ending was a bit confusing, but every other second was engrossing, dark and bleak.

The script that this weird mix of melodrama and then some really good dialogue. I'm really not sure what to do with myself, this film broke me. Kinda like Neon Demon meets Nightcrawler meets No Country for Old Men.

Also, Kick-Ass has proved for the first time in 6 years that he can be a good actor. He was disgusting, sleazy and creepy. Not what I expected from him at all. Michael Shannon was also wonderful as a police detective battling illness.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of all this. It's definitely unlike anything I've seen before, and for me, that was all the more reason to love it. So, so weird.

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