The Magnificent Seven ★★★

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That was a really pleasant surprise. I wasn't a fan of the original (Or older westerns in general really) and I heard mixed things about this, but I had a really great time with it. I will admit I fell asleep once for a couple of minutes, but screw you, I was tired.

The cast are great, Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington are as charismatic as ever. The rest of the cast get their chances to shine and boast all their own personalities. I was a bit disappointed by James Horner's last ever score, which was pretty forgettable. The only music I remember is the use of the original Magnificent Seven theme, which is a shame.

It was well shot and the action was pretty damn good. I am amazed this film got away with its 12A rating in the UK though. This was really violent and quite bloody at times. Either the BBFC are lowering their standards or the studio payed them off to avoid the 15 rating. I'll probably guess the latter.

Just a fun time all round.

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