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This review may contain spoilers.

I've been wanting to revisit The Wrester for some time now and with it being my 500th film of the year (For the third year running. Kill me). I knew it had to be something special.

The Wrestler is wonderful. It's exactly how I like my sports films, not focused on sport, but rather on character. Mickey Rourke is an actor I usually am not a fan of (Although I do need to see some of his acclaimed roles), but this is by far the best I've seen him. It's an insult he didn't get an Oscar for his powerful role as Randy the Ram.

This is a quiet, beautifully done indie drama that puts character first, and it is perfect to me. I know a lot of people that don't like the ending, but it seems fairly obvious to me that Randy dies in the end. Everything that happens in the final act is leading to it. Randy getting to live a few moments of his glory days before finally dying could not have been done better or emotionally. This film possibly has the most emotional impact in a sports film since Rocky. And I dare say it might even be my favourite sports film of all time.

I had mother! Ranked higher than The Wrestler in my Daronsky ranked list. But I was wrong. This is by far Aronofsky's magnum opus. A masterpiece.

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